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Triple-Chamber McMaster Slide

Triple-Chamber McMaster Slide

The all-polycarbonate slide is durable and appropriate for instructional & general environments.

Greater Sensitivity

The triple slide has 3 times the sensitivity of the standard 2-chambered slide.

The multiplier is 8 times the number of eggs found in a fecal sample of one animal, versus 25 used with the standard 2-chambered slide, when a 26:4 ratio of floatation solution to feces is used.
Thus if one egg is found, the resulting EPG is 8. (With the 2-chambered slide it would be 25 EPG). This may be important where very low egg counts are looked for.

Faster Multiple Fecals

Each chamber of the triple slide is the equivalent of a 2-chambered slide. Thus you may examine 3 different samples (from 3 different animals) under the microscope vs. having to use 3 different 2-chambered slides.


    Slide size 1-7/16″ x 3″ (36 mm x 75 mm)
    Grid size 1 cm x 2 cm (1 each over separate chambers)
    Grid Style/Color Green Printed
    Volume under grid 0.30 ml
    Material all polycarbonate
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