Two-Chamber McMaster Counting Slides

McMaster Counting Slides - Engraved Grid

McMaster Counting Slides – Engraved Grid

McMaster Counting Slides Green Grid

McMaster Counting Slides – Green Grid

Standard McMaster type slide used for fecal Egg Per Gram (EPG) flotation in horses, sheep, cattle, goats and other ruminants. Grid is on underside of cover.  The green grid slide is generally easier to read, especially for pigmented feces such as goats and sheep. May be used for quantitative checks of anthelmintic efficacy and indication of pasture contamination.  This is the key component in our Paracount-EPG™ fecal kit.


2-chamber, with opaque grid, acrylic
1-9 – $15
10-24 – $14
25-49 – $13
50-99 – $12
100+ – $10

2-chamber, with green grid, acrylic
1-19 – $20
20+ – $17.50

Egg per gram sensitivity 25 epg*
Grid size 1 cm x 1 cm
Volume under grid 0.15 ml
Color of grid.** Engraved
Material Acrylic
Slide dimensions 2.5 cm x 7.5 cm
Grid Color Standard Opaque or Green
**(Green grids are silk-screened, and easier to see, but over time are subject to wear. The opaque grid is electronically applied in the injection molding process.)

Two-Chamber McMaster Counting Slides

Two-Chamber McMaster Counting Slides Top View

Two-Chamber McMaster Counting Slides Front View

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