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Since 1980, our precision chambered counting slides have been used by parasitologists, nematologists, veterinarians, pharmaceutical researchers, agriculturalists, students, and animal and farm managers around the world. Whether your interest is quantifying fecal egg counts in a goat or horse or other animal, or checking soil for harmful crop infestations, our counting slides have been the standard for over thirty years.

From zoos in Africa, to preserves in Mongolia; from studies on whales in the Pacific to Arctic foxes; from olive groves in Greece to corn farms in Iowa; from Kentucky horse farms and Texas goat herds to Australian sheep stations – our counting slides have helped answer the questions you have in your animal and farm research.

We offer a few key, proven designs which makes product selection and ordering easy. We look forward to hearing from you, to having you as a customer.

We thank those of you who have been with us for over 30 years!

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